I got a feeling

It’s a year from the valentine’s day
that I wrote a poem,
so it is only right,
to write,
despite the lack of change.

I am in my own world,
repeating the same,
heartbreaking scenes
of my life,
unwanted thoughts,
that continue to live,
sparked by a song,
or a look.

Last Valentine’s day,
and the one before that,
I trusted the eyes,
But at this very moment,
even making eye contact
is incredibly difficult.

I’m not sad,
oh god no
I am not

It’s just a day,
a week,
or more like a year
of introspection.

Reasonable bounds

As I was getting dressed this morning,
I started to hate my clothes.

This mustard sweater
just isn’t enough.

It’s pilled,
and empty of youth.

These sneakers are too small.
And the edgy rip in my jeans has
frayed into a gaping hole,

I need a new wardrobe,
and new way of life,
one that is simple
extravagantly elegant.


Summer in Pennsylvania
is so beautiful and rich.

Summer here is more like hell
than anything else.

I miss the japanese tree in front of my old house.
With burnt sienna leaves,
and the perfectly sized trunk.

I know it’s not the same when i go back.
It wasn’t the same when i went back a few years ago,
but there is still beauty left.

A bittersweet beauty,
that looks more like pain.

This year

We’re leaving a whole year behind.

This year,

This year I’ll be whole

I’ll sleep into 2016
like the well rounded being
that I strive to be

Starting off the year
drunk and defeated
was for last year.

All of the memories made
and not made will
be put in a file,
and sent to the publisher.

I will clean,
I will get rid of the things that don’t bring me joy,

Caring all of this stuff around can
get tiresome.

For this new year,
I will be

Another New York love poem

New york is for the strong willed,
to get billed,
for standing still.

I will not stand,
walk or run.
I won’t reach for a gun
I will prosper.
Even if I’m lost, or

New york is for the open.
A coffee shop to hope in.
Love will find it’s way.
Don’t assume he’s gay.
There is no way,
when he looks at you,
without words to say.

Please stay, when you get here.
I don’t want to be here,
isn’t clear?
New York is where I’ll find something or someone
to hear.