weird and strange and redundant

what’s the word
for when you unintentionally say
the wrong word
because you are so concentrated on the word that comes after it

and then you look back in regret
because it was
said in a conversation with a man
you have slept with and would like it to turn into something
but now
you’ve ruined it
the potential to sound like an intelligent woman
all of if any credit that you have built for yourself
as a mind, the portrayal of a well read mind
is gone
and what is left
is your looks
and wide blue eyes
a dumb and dull woman

gratefully sad

The more shit that happens,
the stronger (softer) I become.

I have to go take this face mask off
and brush my teeth

remember that it is all

every interaction
I had with that person
felt like I was cycling
through all of the emotions

every single one
in the speed of light

thrown into black hole,
and shot out of a cannon,

Lines that are reoccuring
written down

As Larry would say

Being that things are still very
up in the air,
and I cannot be sure , dead certain,
of anything, really.

I will remain sipping my tea
like I lost my entire world,

Like I lost everything
but my dignity, and integrity,

and what remains is this shell full of light
as I drink this lemon ginger tea like it is the last thing I will ever drink,
and eat this sandwich like it’s my last meal.

Things become a lot more enjoyable
when you consider every moment,
this very moment, the next moment,
death could be around the corner
this, could be your last.
“ So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride” as Larry would say.