and then it started raining

Before boarding the plane
my step-dad gave me some sudden advice
“Don’t accept free food samples”
I suppose being poisoned
is a fear that I had yet to acquire

but at last here it is

I sipped from a glass of wine
elegantly placed
between a marble statue and concrete

on the third sip, I found myself upstate
in the closing part of winter

there I was, staring at the ceiling fan
trying to convince the man in the red wool sweater
to paint over
all of the thin black lines
I had painted on their door

Sleepless with purpose

A sleepless night
is sometimes needed.

Thoughts like these
only arise at 4:00am
when the house is quiet and
the world is sleeping.

Ideas, goals,
future daydreams
all happen
when the neighbors are in mid dream.

Through sleepless endeavours
I hear my own voice.