walking in ny

A creaky heart
with each inhale and exhale
is a twig holding the
red belly of a
little bird that travels nocturnally

Walking past the bar that looks
like a 1920’s gathering
with its yellow round bulbs
decorative and dark borders

The trash on the sidewalk
seems to have come together
through serendipity
for the pleasure of
the moonlight, the streetlight
and the rain from earlier

Treasure from this angle

and then it started raining

Before boarding the plane
my step-dad gave me some sudden advice
“Don’t accept free food samples”
I suppose being poisoned
is a fear that I had yet to acquire

but at last here it is

I sipped from a glass of wine
elegantly placed
between a marble statue and concrete

on the third sip, I found myself upstate
in the closing part of winter

there I was, staring at the ceiling fan
trying to convince the man in the red wool sweater
to paint over
all of the thin black lines
I had painted on their door


This one is for the hard to love
the complicated souls
the difficult personalities
the ones that are rough around the edges

Although you are a traveling circus
of a human, with
a juggling act of a personality
whose socks never match

and whose hair is in a constant

You are kind

The genuine lines of compassion
frame your eyes

This isn’t egocentric, narcisstic, or selfish

This is your own version of a selfie
and you need this to understand
your greatness
that is often unseen
by your own soul