I’m bored and internetless.

This is the perfect opportunity
to read all of the books I have been
meaning to read
and write
all of the poems
I have been meaning to write.

Maybe, I’ll just sit here quietly
and ponder.

Why must I constantly make
a sound?
The trees, just are,

Seen or not seen,
they will continue to radiate beauty
with no need of acceptance
or approval.

This is how I should go through life,
not needing approval.
Like a tall, beautiful tree,
deep in the forest.


Write about old man w/ fedora and crossword puzzle book
is a note
that I scribbled on my hand
frantically and emotionally after leaving the beach.

Well you see, I was writing away at Starbucks when
I then decided to head over to the beach.

I sat down at a picnic table to take advantage of the shade
since I had forgotten my aviator sunglasses.

I sat there,
staring at the glittering ocean and
in the middle
of a sentimental thought,
sat down an older man in a fedora and a book full
of crosswords.
I immediately liked him and he soon left.

As I was leaving the beach, I noticed that
he was also leaving the beach.
But what grasped my attention and sentiment,
his hands were in his pockets
and he was looking at the ground as he walked.

The walk felt so familiar
I had to write it
on the palm of my hand.