new dress

black bird prints
unison, one after the other
replicas against a
blinding white sheet of paper
I put on a new dress
just for today
and head out for the
just for today
just for today


Things found in poems:

Pants left in a Holiday Inn, a heartbreak
The woman across from me picking hairs off her sweater.
A rusty nail.
Blades of grass in the sentimental seasons.
Setting sun.
Dark blue glass bottles.
Black birds.
Crossed out lines.
Black pen ink.
Coffee mug stains.
Pressed daisies.
Sea salt.

A reading

Poets speak of nature
all that is wild and free
through a screen of images
the poet voice is prominent
broken only by the
silent pauses
and in between
the poet wears a scarlett
the poet is to be taken


In the beige and blue
I’ve accepted the
fact that every crush
I have
will ultimately be
a covering of words
and length a
highlighting the certainties
illuminating the things
that make
them seem like poetry


That day at the
end of September

I look at you and
understand why the
waves do what they do

I then also understand the
silence among the mountains
the leaves
on the brink of decay

it was years ago now
but I still compare
the two color schemes

the oranges and pinks
at eye level

and the dark blues
behind us