sucking at french

There is no second guessing
the you
the bruises,
cuts, and scrapes
acquired through a job we both hold
Especially the one my left hand
between my thumb and index finger
A reverse punch \
I think the reason that I am questioning
pointing out
the slightest of cracks
slivers of a gray light
is because that is what got me through it before
It being a ,
whatever I don’t need you

I am a sage and rose bush hybrid
but made of paper,

It could have been worse,
watching him
punch those girls in the face
rather than kiss them
Would have hurt ……
because violence,

cinnamon sweetens
the apple cider vinegar
but the drink still erodes
the teeth

gratefully sad

The more shit that happens,
the stronger (softer) I become.

I have to go take this face mask off
and brush my teeth

remember that it is all

every interaction
I had with that person
felt like I was cycling
through all of the emotions

every single one
in the speed of light

thrown into black hole,
and shot out of a cannon,

Lines that are reoccuring
written down


There is nothing worse than leaving
articles of clothing at places,

I don’t want it.
Don’t give it back to me.
I left it because I do not
care about it,

As we were standing
and talking outside of your trailer,
you pointed to the gray silhouette of a

I walked out of the trailer,
fabric in hand,
with the words and eyes,
someone finding meaning.

I don’t want this,
I don’t even want to put this on,
and definitely don’t want to carry it,

As I attempted
to stuff it in my pocket

don’t worry,

 I have a bunch
of emotional baggage
you can have too.

The story ended
with me going back
to pick up it up later.

I do not know
where it is
right now.


I felt deeply and without remorse,
so much so,
that I was stamped with a label
and imprisoned.

In a moment of sole
the mind is lost,
the logic is disregarded.
What is left is the warmth of every single nerve in the body,

The light, pulsing
storm like but balanced, with no
shame involved.

I felt,
and I can’t explain fully
because my thoughts weren’t