Having fun

2 mugs at the thrift store,
setting a table of hope
in the
cliche way possible,

I’ll buy two
just in case
there is a happy ending
for this strange girl that I know

The handle broke on one them
the most
predictable thing that could happen

what’s cooking?


I’m bored and internetless.

This is the perfect opportunity
to read all of the books I have been
meaning to read
and write
all of the poems
I have been meaning to write.

Maybe, I’ll just sit here quietly
and ponder.

Why must I constantly make
a sound?
The trees, just are,

Seen or not seen,
they will continue to radiate beauty
with no need of acceptance
or approval.

This is how I should go through life,
not needing approval.
Like a tall, beautiful tree,
deep in the forest.

Walking novels

All books relate, like people,
and only a few people know this secret

The loveless protagonist and unfortunate broken souls,
the triumphs and wins

These books may have different words
but rearrange them and
they all state the same thing

I believe the writer should leave the ending open
to interpretation and suggestions

Once the reader realizes that they have the power
of creating their own endings
whether it ends on a good note, or off key
it doesn’t really matter

To be human is to create
stories, and beautiful things,


Some have yet to read a book
Perhaps the moneymaking gets in the way

We are all inventors and innovators
some with money for the invention
and some who steal