walking in ny

A creaky heart
with each inhale and exhale
is a twig holding the
red belly of a
little bird that travels nocturnally

Walking past the bar that looks
like a 1920’s gathering
with its yellow round bulbs
decorative and dark borders

The trash on the sidewalk
seems to have come together
through serendipity
for the pleasure of
the moonlight, the streetlight
and the rain from earlier

Treasure from this angle

Good guy

I know for certain
that you are a good guy.

under the standards
of a romantic comedy.

The notebook level
of romance

An elaborate fabrication,
produced by
a hopeless romantic.

I was never a believer
of such a popular


the kind of guy I tried to avoid.


I can bring you home
without shame.

So good,
my mother likes
you more than me.

Too good,
my mother says I should be more grateful
that I have at
found a good guy.

Is this a one sided