Nothing that I could say

You are what you underline,
what you bookmark,
you are the songs
that bring the past to the present,

the first thing you do when you get home,
the last thing you say to your dog before you leave,
the shoes you wear out,
to their final thread

the things you observe are valuable,
don’t feel that your view of the world is wrong,
it’s different

Love is often
one sided,
if it is double sided,
it’s uneven

words will never
translate the heaviness

I am still dissecting you,
every eye movement,
the pattern of your speech,
as if trying to come to a conclusion
in my favor

This is what led to my break,
I wanted so badly to have you
that I made it happen in a dimension
unknown to others,
my imagination.

Love is an act of madness


Today has been good,
for a life lived in misery,
I suppose.

Walking feels refreshing,
and the way my feet hit the
concrete, is timed

I think I might pick some of
the daisies on my way
back home.

Perhaps for a hair piece,
or inspiration
to draw from.

I might take a bath,
pick the daisies apart,
and have them float
along with me.

That would make for a great
tumblr photo,
if I had the right camera,
or the right soap.

After my bath,
I think I’ll paint the
Being resourceful
is always