Nothing that I could say

You are what you underline,
what you bookmark,
you are the songs
that bring the past to the present,

the first thing you do when you get home,
the last thing you say to your dog before you leave,
the shoes you wear out,
to their final thread

the things you observe are valuable,
don’t feel that your view of the world is wrong,
it’s different

Love is often
one sided,
if it is double sided,
it’s uneven

words will never
translate the heaviness

I am still dissecting you,
every eye movement,
the pattern of your speech,
as if trying to come to a conclusion
in my favor

This is what led to my break,
I wanted so badly to have you
that I made it happen in a dimension
unknown to others,
my imagination.

Love is an act of madness

Look at the bright side from the dark

I would have never
actually considered
that things might
eventually get better.

The old me was sure to
say no,
things are bound to get
continuously worse,
and awful.

I do not regret this way of thinking,
Things actually did get worse,
but they always do
before they get better of course.

So I will, quietly, sit here
and hope
just hope for great things to happen.
Without any real reasoning, or cause.