I’ve had zero fun
this past year
actually it’s been quite
the desolate shit show

something anything
oh my god
get me out of here
all of my thoughts have been
curbed to ‘that guy’

to that one artist
that he said he liked
and then I took and made it
a key fact to remember him by

so whenever I listen to that album
I fall even deeper
into the snippet of reality s
in the dark woods
dim trailer lights

the moon saw
him standing in front of me
with the token hoodie on
smoking a cigarette
but then that moment
shut even tighter in the future
a night at the end of winter
where we were together
at a bar with a dead fish logo
he said he felt happier
than earlier but
it was the alcohol


rolling happiness

a wave of ambition
usually recedes towards mid-day
i’m then left only wanting
to drink black coffee
and wither away
embracing the dark circles
under my eyes
staring at this constant
I can’t find a way
to reach the point
where I can relate
to so
much light


It will only hurt for a second
meanwhile I’ll talk about
how I once saw a girl whisper
to a plant in the garden
maybe she was telling it
her life story

I came across a study
that claims that plants
grow faster to the sound
of a woman’s voice.

I like it better when
I’m checked
out , far out,
here but can’t be reached
so selfishly not present
I roam with the air
a disappearing act \gone

lonely cashier by the sea

what i think becomes
an orb around me
a customer asked
what my deepest passion
in life was
I stumbled
told her i don’t
art and poetry?
but it’s a certainty in my head
I just like to come off
as unambitious
she said well go do that
there is
something preventing
I’m following
last night i dreamt
of an open field
where I had to remind
myself to breathe in


I need to go
be on time to
a fear of flowers
and a fear of
death, darkness,
the height of a
I can’t seem to
find the opening
my way out of
these covers
I must let someone know
it’s the end of summer
even in florida
there’s rain
and wind
telling me to hurry up
shattered olive green glass
and flying
black and white letters

yellowbirds/blue sky

the sky here is
more like a screen
draping against the edge
of the world
while riding my
bike I like
to stand on the pedals
and stretch my neck towards it
open my mouth as wide
as I can and try to
consume the blue
I pass a mailbox with
two taxidermied
yellow birds sitting on
top , frozen in verb
I pass the mango tree
that was once so ripe
a few weeks ago
the fruit hung heavy
abundant and tumbling
towards the canal
rainbow reflecting
in the water


I am two feet
in front of myself
in sync with the
my skin is a dark purple
and there is a hole
perfect and
in my chest

I look outside and
see the sun shine
in two places

the sparkle
and dust
a dark blue

remember what it
felt like to feel it
all at once

heart pulsing
through thick
warm honey

don’t lose the