That day at the
end of September

I look at you and
understand why the
waves do what they do

I then also understand the
silence among the mountains
the leaves
on the brink of decay

it was years ago now
but I still compare
the two color schemes

the oranges and pinks
at eye level

and the dark blues
behind us


groundhog day

light that shows
through the trees
projects delicate
shapes on the boardwalk
on this lined paper
my dress
these are the only patterns
that matter
words don’t mean a
is it this sweat
from my face
stinging my eyes \

someone is starting
a motorcycle
the lawnmower man

mowing his
lawn is not new
and the bird
conversation happening
overhead is
centuries old


I’ve had zero fun
this past year
actually it’s been quite
the desolate shit show

something anything
oh my god
get me out of here
all of my thoughts have been
curbed to ‘that guy’

to that one artist
that he said he liked
and then I took and made it
a key fact to remember him by

so whenever I listen to that album
I fall even deeper
into the snippet of reality s
in the dark woods
dim trailer lights

the moon saw
him standing in front of me
with the token hoodie on
smoking a cigarette
but then that moment
shut even tighter in the future
a night at the end of winter
where we were together
at a bar with a dead fish logo
he said he felt happier
than earlier but
it was the alcohol


It will only hurt for a second
meanwhile I’ll talk about
how I once saw a girl whisper
to a plant in the garden
maybe she was telling it
her life story

I came across a study
that claims that plants
grow faster to the sound
of a woman’s voice.

I like it better when
I’m checked
out , far out,
here but can’t be reached
so selfishly not present
I roam with the air
a disappearing act \gone

lonely cashier by the sea

what i think becomes
an orb around me
a customer asked
what my deepest passion
in life was
I stumbled
told her i don’t
art and poetry?
but it’s a certainty in my head
I just like to come off
as unambitious
she said well go do that
there is
something preventing
I’m following
last night i dreamt
of an open field
where I had to remind
myself to breathe in