Whoever invented the grammar rules and guidelines
must have really hated people.
To capitalize the first letter in a name,
but not capitalize the L in Love is weird to me.

Why must the name
that was chosen by a parent
hold such importance.
Oh, right, because we are a very important species
which deserve recognition and importance.

I understand why the title is underlined,
And the first letter of a sentence,
the grades that students get back

I received a lot of capitalized F’s,
never any A’s.
But that’s fine,
Grammar isn’t for me.
Like hemingway and all of the other brilliant writers,

Write short sentences,
so the comma and punctuation
don’t become an issue.

Lost but not stolen

I got my bike back today.
The bike that I thought was stolen, gone forever.
I never thought I would see that bike again.
Today, I have it.

I rode it to starbucks
like it was my first time out in public.
I admired its colors and
thanked it for its service.

Since I haven’t gone for a ride
in a while,
I am understandably tired.

I will take a lesson from this.
Some things aren’t gone forever,
but reenter your life
when the time is right.

I could have used this bike
a week ago.

In my own

I feel the big bang
the power of sneezing
while fireworks go off

The same feeling happens throught ones life
many times
in fact

The relief from a sneeze
while bursting colors
of fire
begin to fill the night sky
of the nautical

The hope after a snap

The continuation
a spark

Incredibly loud
and powerful
One only wishes to

I’m sure I will never experience
such a coincidence
of sneezing while fireworks
go off, but
I felt it

I contemplate it
and I let the lasting
yearn towards understanding
that makes life interesting.

I’m in my own world.

Walking novels

All books relate, like people,
and only a few people know this secret

The loveless protagonist and unfortunate broken souls,
the triumphs and wins

These books may have different words
but rearrange them and
they all state the same thing

I believe the writer should leave the ending open
to interpretation and suggestions

Once the reader realizes that they have the power
of creating their own endings
whether it ends on a good note, or off key
it doesn’t really matter

To be human is to create
stories, and beautiful things,


Some have yet to read a book
Perhaps the moneymaking gets in the way

We are all inventors and innovators
some with money for the invention
and some who steal

Sunset at the yacht club

The sunset here is always a big event.
People wait patiently on the sand
for the day to be over.

If time did exist,
the sunset would be an alarm clock
waking everyone up to reality
that our days are counted
and this may be the last sunset.

The ocean is extremely glittery
and animated today.
The waves appear to be staying within
the water.
Moving in different directions
but not in a moody way,
but like a calm, crazy person
doing their best to come off as
doing its best to not create distraction
or messes.

A feeling of future loneliness has
just hit me.

If I do leave tomorrow, I’m already
missing my mom.
But if she still wants to move to Newport,
the sadness wouldn’t be so strong.
Actually, I’m going to call my mom
right now,
just in case tomorrow,
is it.

New York,the only place, this dream will work

It’s the energy of the city, New York, that makes for smarter people.
You have to be quick.
You have to be on your feet.
On the subway, off the subway, missed the subway.
Cross the street, watch that taxi, hop in that taxi,

watch your step,
hello handsome fellow,
was that Jennifer Lawrence?,
Hi Al Roker, go to trader joes,
hop back on the subway,
cut through central park,
pass a large herd of dogs,
witness a proposal,
step in dog shit,
think about all the awful things about living and how that guy still hasn’t called,
watch the falling air conditioner water,
what’s in that mysterious puddle,
smell of hot garbage,
pass a really successful looking person,
Rhapsody in blue,

remind self why New York is where this dream will work,
open door,

Metal Rob

I met a guy named Metal Rob,
he had long hair,
then cut it off
and got a job.

I will never cut my hair off.

My hair certifies the nut that I am.
I am not trying to fool anyone into believing
that I am sane.
It would be extremely difficult to do so, and
a waste of my time.
I know,
I’ve tried.

I lied to myself and to others,
for so many years,
by manipulating my hair into different forms and shapes.
Never was I content with its natural state.

The transition, or metamorphosis was so intense,
I was forced to leave the state
in which I found myself,
and love.

Maybe one day, I’ll get a job.