the light rain
falling on the roof
brings an unwanted and large
wave of sentiment
towards you


A reading

Poets speak of nature
all that is wild and free
through a screen of images
the poet voice is prominent
broken only by the
silent pauses
and in between
the poet wears a scarlett
the poet is to be taken


In the beige and blue
I’ve accepted the
fact that every crush
I have
will ultimately be
a covering of words
and length a
highlighting the certainties
illuminating the things
that make
them seem like poetry


That day at the
end of September

I look at you and
understand why the
waves do what they do

I then also understand the
silence among the mountains
the leaves
on the brink of decay

it was years ago now
but I still compare
the two color schemes

the oranges and pinks
at eye level

and the dark blues
behind us

groundhog day

light that shows
through the trees
projects delicate
shapes on the boardwalk
on this lined paper
my dress
these are the only patterns
that matter
words don’t mean a
is it this sweat
from my face
stinging my eyes \

someone is starting
a motorcycle
the lawnmower man

mowing his
lawn is not new
and the bird
conversation happening
overhead is
centuries old