Suspected space debris fished out of bay in Oregon

Authorities in Oregon said they are examining a piece of suspected space debris from a SpaceX vehicle that was found by a fisherman in the Alsea Bay.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said the fisherman removed the object from the Alsea Bay, near Waldport, and transported it to a location near a local business before contacting authorities.

The charred object was examined by Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue, which determined it was not a hazardous materials threat. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality contacted SpaceX to attempt to identify the item.

SpaceX said it was unable to positively identify the object, but it is consistent with a composite overwrapped pressure vessel component. The company told authorities the object should be safe to transport.

Deputies transported the item to a secure location for further examination and investigation.

Pieces of a SpaceX rocket caused a light show in the sky over the West Coast in late March. A piece from the spacecraft was found last week on a Washington farm.