a voice heard in an instagram post/am i too old for this

good things have happened to me before
and they will happen again i keep looking for
the thing that hurt me because
I want to sit in front of it
for whatever time I have left
I want to let it leave tiny orange
spots all over my body
I want it to leave me not knowing
my name how i got here
why i’m left alone again
it’s a cycle of gaslighting that I could
swear that I’m doing it to myself voluntarily
I could have sworn that being there
could Mean something
karma, good things happen
right but why is that everytime
you decide to come back into my life
all of the patches i’ve covered
on myself disappear
happy is again something
I need to strive for and will never
reach because you want
to make sure i’m left
with another heartbreak some
may say that I shouldn’t
let you disrespect me like that
so I’m erasing you from my
existence every word in writing
here is leaving a bit of you behind
until you’re completely out
of my mind just in time

2 thoughts on “a voice heard in an instagram post/am i too old for this

  1. Great poetry. Beautiful decent and vibrating.
    Its divine to hear
    I have recently started my site ,it would be great pleasure if you could take some time out of your hectic schedule to check it once


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