Diary entry 11/11

It’s Monday morning. As soon as I woke up, I used an app to meditate for 6 minutes. I thanked the light within me then stared at the light outside of me, making patterns on the wall. Before leaving the house I frantically looked for a black sharpie marker because last night I decided in order to heal, I shall deface someone’s sticker graffiti art that they had left in the bathroom of the coffeeshop that I go to. I order an Americano and go to the bathroom, sharpie sticking out of my green velvet jacket, intention is clear to everyone around. Ready to get my piece, my sense of revenge. The marker wasn’t dark enough. It left a smudged and broken heart over a portrait. Maybe I’ll have to come back with black paint, or period blood. I’m sure he’ll see it, appreciate the effort, and not think of me. After that I drove to work. Crossing the bridge where all of the leaf colors are visible.

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