In the beige and blue
I’ve accepted the
fact that every crush
I have
will ultimately be
a covering of words
and length a
highlighting the certainties
illuminating the things
that make
them seem like poetry

3 thoughts on “clay

  1. Beautifully written. Your poem exudes light through the acceptance of life as it comes. I wonder at the multiple interpretations of “every crush”. The first association any person would immediately do is relate this word to infatuation and sexual attraction for another person, something that might turn into love sometime later or remain unrequited and thus become a source to create worlds of fantasy and poetry. Yet “crush” can also refer to anything impacting on us: an artwork, a musical piece, etc. That impact might also provide an illuminating effect on us to craft something: a poem, a dance, another artwork, another musical piece…

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  2. I have written poems, some reviews, a few short stories and also recorded a few dancing videos linked with poetry:
    The dancing posts are called “A Circle of Light in the Darkness”, “I Danced the Night Ferociously” and “Dance of Hope”.


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