today I have an idea
of what the
light coming through
the window
planting its rays
on the floor in squares
is trying to say to me

mid day I found
out a guy that I graduated

a week ago
I saw a picture of him
his pregnant girlfriend
and their first child
all holding each other

I thought about
how much love
reflected in the roundness
planet like
circle arms
shiny smiles

today feels superficial
clean white
a hologram
of what I imagined
the saddest part of adult life would be
death and
an eternal minimum wage job

I need more nose
to the earth
right now I’m in a land in between
reality and my personal
equation for it

One thought on “Justin

  1. I think “Justin” is a brilliant reflection on some eternal themes. Birth and death. Adulthood, work and mortality. So well done, and done economically — minimum of words, highest impact.


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