Autumn Preservation

My tie to you
is loose
but I am
full and

hold me up
with open
wide arms

as I shine

lighting the path
out of these
for you to untangle
the vines

back in
this forever summer
you remind this
town of autumn

smell of dirt
decaying leaves
and cranberries

reminds them
of the earth
under this
white sheet

falling and floating
we land

14 thoughts on “Autumn Preservation

  1. Claudia, I think your poem is remarkable in how it flirts with cliches only to dart away from them each time into something fresh. So beautifully done.

    Yet, I confess I’m at a loss to figure out who or what the “town” is. Could you help me there?

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  2. To love and grow and blossom. The seasons are superb metaphors to carry your theme to the reader. To be loved but not suffocated…metamorphosis is so much easier with that kind of catalyst.


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