flashing light phone call

I carefully dissect my arm, and legs,
examine the bruises, black scrape marks,
a tattoo that I had forgotten that I experienced,
Laying by the lake with spanish guitar
the sun about to set
my neighbors lying next to a pile of young girls on a hammock

the universe is trying really hard; showing off
this girl must feel satisfied,
crack a smile
Be grateful goddammit
there is so much beauty
the grass is even trying to tickle the seriousness

the mindfield
A hill too steep to climb, they should put an escalator here
the volleyball and kids rolling down the hills
buzzed from a large glass of red
Sit next to niall’s, whose name I pronounce wrong
He validates my existence in my own world
my intellect, and then probes
unintentionally making me feel inferior
I respond with ‘damaged goods’
for never having a serious relationship
I drift off
feeling the light breeze through the bro muscle knit muscle tank\

The more the better I feel
Eye the people I work with
feel a moment of being apart of something,
an /us vs them/ moment

I walk to another field, grassy,bright
but on the other side of the campus
think about the same guy that I wrote
all of the sad poetry about
stare at the very pregnant woman and her husband
sitting on the bench in front of me
imagine what they are going through
drink a cup of coffee and write another poem

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