no i don’t want to be showered in glitter

Burning her hand with hot soup
smiling for the customers, taking orders
stuffing the latex glove full of ice cubes

child-woman cross legged on the lawn
hand her a cigarette
before she kills someone

enjoying the swing and flow of her mustard dress
knowing that solitude is a great thing
looks over to see the cause of most of the pain

she’s really upset right now
let me console and hug the other person a little tighter
a sadistic double team
bringing out the worst in her,
angry spanish women
who would ram a car into the house that he lives in
will probably make an appearance
but suppress, suppress
don’t look crazy

now it feels evil,
a rage that is too much for a little woman
body to handle,
ubiquitous rage,
infinity anger
a vegetarian who wants to slaughter
cow with her bare hands,
because it’s black and white,
and apathy is what they see

she puts her blue wine glass
in front of the flashing lights
because what is life if not experimentation with color
and alcohol

before the winter he said
he couldn’t give her any love or affection
making sure to save it all for the person he
says he is not in love with

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