Bird of paradise

You know when
you are around a similar soul,
kindred spirits,
because of the calm that surrounds them.

When you see them
it’s almost
as if you feel lighter.

I was making my way up to the laundry room,
with a full bladder and overall discomfort,
towards myself and to life in general.
My flip flop was also causing me great pain.

Unexpectedly and
I saw him making his way through the woods.
I looked at him and then painfully
opened the laundry room door.

Someone in the laundry said hi to me,
but I wasn’t present.
I see him and I feel like I’ve seen a ghost.
I guess I’m seeing myself in another human,
which is always a rude awakening.

His voice strikes a familiar chord in me.
I just can’t pinpoint it.
Scientifically, logically,
rationally speaking,
some men just have attractive voices.

As I was deeply thinking about birds,
and what faces people find attractive,
I entered a room with such a gentle energy.
One that was familiar,
for the lack of a better word.
The bend of the spine,
to be closer to the sink,
washing his hands, eyes turned inward.

I fall in love with people too quickly.

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