Sunset at the yacht club

The sunset here is always a big event.
People wait patiently on the sand
for the day to be over.

If time did exist,
the sunset would be an alarm clock
waking everyone up to reality
that our days are counted
and this may be the last sunset.

The ocean is extremely glittery
and animated today.
The waves appear to be staying within
the water.
Moving in different directions
but not in a moody way,
but like a calm, crazy person
doing their best to come off as
doing its best to not create distraction
or messes.

A feeling of future loneliness has
just hit me.

If I do leave tomorrow, I’m already
missing my mom.
But if she still wants to move to Newport,
the sadness wouldn’t be so strong.
Actually, I’m going to call my mom
right now,
just in case tomorrow,
is it.

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