Sunday, someday kind of love

Do I go to Starbucks today, or do I lounge in this house,
and do nothing for an entire day.
This is only a question which would appear on a Sunday.

Instead of working, or lounging around,
I want a Sunday kind of love.
The love many claim to have on a Sunday.
Too bad love doesn’t apply to me, and I am living with my mother.

A Sunday kind of love consists of eggs, bacon, and pancakes
flannel sheets,
coffee of course
and the warmth from the sheets transcends into the room,
coming from a peculiar source,
my lover.

Does a Sunday kind of love, come from a Saturday?
A Saturday spent at a dive bar, or a house party
where the host falls asleep.

Funny story, I used to go to this guys house,
alot, But he would always go to bed before
I could ever sneak in a kiss.
He has a nice record collection though,
the only one,
in town.

3 thoughts on “Sunday, someday kind of love

  1. When I was alone, I used to go to Starbucks, but all I ever found there was coffee. I have a wonderful husband now. I like the way you describe a Sunday kind of love, eggs, bacon, and pancakes, flannel sheets. Blessings to you…


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