It’s easier to buy a gun than an education.
I wish they had told me that in highschool when
we were forced to decide our future plans at the prime age of 16.

I contemplate the amount of loans
and colossal amount of debt that I am in
all for a false sense
of security college gave me.

College isn’t for everyone, but
it should be affordable.
Finding out it wasn’t for me, took 60,000 in student loans.
All I can do now, is hope the future isn’t as bleak
as my bank account.

8 thoughts on “College

  1. Isn’t it sad… I know many young, and not so young, pastors who come out of seminary with massive debt and then struggle in small churches where the pay is minimal (for a position requiring 24/7 availability and a Master’s Degree)… Hope your bank account finds its way into the light 🙂


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